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"A portrait once effaced must be restored from the original."
~ St. Athanasius


What do people mean when they say, “We’re only human”? If it means we're broken, imperfect and flawed, then what does it mean when Christians say that Jesus is fully human?


If truth be told, most people, especially Christians, are confused about what it means to be human. How is it that in each one of us the

virtuous and the vicious can coexist?


Truly Human explains the Christian teaching on human nature and helps individuals find a path to recover their God-given, human identity and destiny.

"A very personal and moving account of trying to make sense of what it means to be human in a broken world and with a broken humanity. Drawing upon many resources - Scripture, personal encounters, the wisdom of the ancient ascetics, and the insights of contemporary counseling - Kevin Scherer offers us all a way of finding the grace of God in our fragility and weakness. This book will be sure to touch many people." - John Behr, Dean, SVOTS, New York

Truly Human
Available May 30, 2017


Kevin Scherer

I am a writer and speaker with 20 years of pastoral counseling experience. As a former evangelical pastor and Eastern Orthodox priest, I have pastored in seven churches and served as the executive director for two nationwide Christian ministries. I also served as a chaplain at Ground Zero following the events of 9/11 as well as the Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University shootings. Based on these pastoral experiences, two degrees in theology, and my own personal challenges, I have developed an intuition for coming alongside people in the most difficult and confusing moments of their lives.


I hope through this website I can get to know you, and we can reflect together on what it means to be truly human.


I hope you'll take a moment to email me and introduce yourself.

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